Core Values

It Is Our Aim To Provide The Following To Our Clients:

Personal Attention

Our first and foremost aim is to pay keen attention to the client's needs and meet those needs in a manner which exceeds their expectations.

It is also important for us to provide a level of service and information to other team members in order to assist them in delivery their service to clients.

It is our aim to provide the following non-negotiable qualities to our clients

Attention to Detail

Our intention is to provide the customer with the assurance that they will have the job done right first time. In over 90% of the projects we have been involved in, our attention to detail and designing systems correctly has resulted in the client saving money. By having us oversee the fire protection installations on projects costly mistakes are avoided.

Value for Money

It is our firm belief that we must at all times offer the client a solution which provides the best value for the money. This does not necessarily imply the cheapest solution, but in many cases does.

Our attention to detail, personal focus and insistence on quality requires a more committed approach and therefore our fees are appropriate with the level of service offered. We are competitive as a result of our low overhead costs which provide a competitive advantage without a compromise on service or quality.


Our focus on personal service, attention to detail, value for money and quality results in satisfied customers. In turn, satisfied customers become loyal partners in the mission of applying effective fire safety measures. This approach ensures our success in a competitive environment.